• Youth Ages 16-24
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Entrepreneurship

Griot Works is a Youth Entrepreneurship and Community Development program that utilizes media and production and business development to foster personal and collective transformation among Baltimore city youth ages 16 to 24.

The program includes:

  • 4 hours of class instruction per week learning digital photography, cinematography, business development, scriptwriting, lighting, editing, audio recording, etc

  • 4 -6 hours or production/lab time per week learning professional production, design, and editing skills

  • Monthly film/photo shoots to hone your craft

  • Field trips to local production studios for networking and job development

  • Collaborate on film/photography projects with local artists

  • $300 monthly stipend

  • Intensive capstone experience at end of program (Major Film/Photography project involving possible international travel)

  • Create business plan

  • Register and launch media business

Each year, the program will recruit a cohort of 15 youth to be trained in media production and business development.  The program aims to prepare participants to gain an entry-level media production job, gain an internship in the media industry, or to establish their own business.  

Other Details:

  • Classes are be held Mondays and Thursdays 5:30pm to 7:30pm (4 hrs per week)

  • Film/Photo shoots are scheduled on weekends (2 hrs per week)

  • Lab is open during week to support learning of cameras, equipment, and editing (between 4 hrs per week)

  • Periodic field trips to film festivals, local studios, arts events, demonstrations, etc.

  • Participants expected to develop online portfolio to showcase their production abilities

  • Participants expected to develop business plan and register business by culmination of program

  • Participants expected to participate in intensive capstone project in summer (major film/photo project which may include international travel to complete)

  • Participants expected to publicly present their work in culminating media showcase planned by participants