Independent Afrikan Minds

Independent Afrikan Minds (I AM)

develops urban youth of African descent as Cultural Ambassadors who employ expeditionary learning, media and the arts to educate themselves and the communities they serve.  The program is a year-long journey of self-discovery that is designed to cultivate pride, self-respect, and purpose among teens through cultural field trips, arts & media projects, scholarly discussions, and ultimately travel study to Africa during the summer.  We utilize experiential learning from an African centered perspective and engage youth by connecting them to their passions and helping them discover the means to create their own lane while serving their community.  We connect youth to a wide world of resources available to them both locally and international that can aid them in the pursuit of their goals.  This is done through a process of study of self, community, collective history while making use of the many skills in our community to uniquely craft a bold new expression of black power and self love.

I AM Video Sample